Meta promises to start labeling media content made with AI

Meta promises to start labeling media content made with AI


Meta is trying to please EU’s regulatory authorities and announced that will finally start labeling AI content on some of its social media platforms. The company confirmed it will make changes to the way it handles manipulated media based on feedback from the Oversight Board and its policy review process with public opinion surveys.The changes will be implemented on Facebook, Instagram and Threads and involve applying “Made with AI” labels on AI-generated video, audio and images that are detected as such by Meta’s tools.

Currently, Meta adds “Imagined with AI” to photorealistic images created using its AI feature. However, the new labels will cover a broader range of content in addition to the manipulated content that the Oversight Board recommends labeling.

According to Meta, users should start seeing labeled AI-generated content in May 2024. Also, the social network company announced that it will stop removing content solely on the basis of its manipulated video policy in July.


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