Leaked photos show off snazzy upcoming T-Mobile freebie in all its magenta glory

Leaked photos show off snazzy upcoming T-Mobile freebie in all its magenta glory


Did you claim your T-Mobile Tuesdays perks this week? How about that wickedly good baseball offer from last week? And those free sunglasses (with eclipse lenses) a couple of weeks back? Believe it or not, the “Un-carrier’s” generosity won’t stop there for the spring, with yet another cool physical gift being purportedly prepared for a rollout by the end of the month.

This is clearly less valuable than a gratis 1-year MLB.TV subscription and arguably less attention-grabbing than some fashionable eyewear. Still, if you’re the kind of hardcore T-Mo fan who likes to collect all the stuff the operator frequently gives away for free, you should definitely keep an eye on the T-Life app on April 16.
That’s when the always knowledgeable folks over at The Mobile Report believe the tote bag pictured below will be offered to T-Mobile subscribers without questions asked or strings attached, and given the bag’s design, that timing certainly makes sense.

If you don’t know, April 22 is Earth Day, and because that falls on a Monday this year, Magenta is likely to celebrate the event a little early with a decidedly stylish item made from 70 percent recycled materials. 

The T-Mobile-branded and of course magenta-colored bag looks pretty sturdy in a bunch of prematurely leaked photographs, carrying (pun intended) many little icons and symbols meant to drive the “reduce and reuse” message home.

Will you save the world if you claim (and actually use) T-Mo’s latest customer loyalty-rewarding gift on and after April 16? Probably not. But you’ll definitely not harm the environment (too much) if you do so, and you’ll feel like you’re making a real difference while looking cooler than ever when doing your daily grocery run. And all for the low, low price of… being a T-Mobile customer.


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