It’s the best time to try Consumer Cellular: your second month is free!

It’s the best time to try Consumer Cellular: your second month is free!



Advertorial by Consumer Cellular: the opinions expressed in this story may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena! 

Saving money on your phone plan has become infinitely easier with Mobile Virtual Network Operators like Consumer Cellular. Through a partnership and agreement to use the big operators’ established infrastructure and networks, an MVNO can buy access in bulk, then offer plans to its customers and pass the savings on to them. And Consumer Cellular definitely passes them on and then some!

Right now, you can sign up for Consumer Cellular and get your second month of service entirely for free — effectively getting a “2 months at the price of 1” type of deal. All you need to do is redeem the code “MONTHFREE” at the registration page, or call the support number (877) 312-1974 and request the month free deal there.

Switching to Consumer Cellular is extremely easy — there are no activation fees, you can definitely port your number over, and canceling within the first 30 days (and 500 MB of used data) is free as well. It’s a postpaid service, so you aren’t pressured into making use of minutes or data that you have already paid for in advance. There are also no contracts binding you to the carrier for multiple months or years — the carrier says it prefers to earn your trust on an ongoing monthly basis. And certainly works hard to do so, with a 16 consecutive “#1 in Customer service among Value MVNOs” J.D. Power awards. 

The savings you get with Consumer Cellular truly shine when you add 2+ lines on a single account — it only costs $15 extra to do so. Meaning that an Unlimited single-line plan will cost you $50, but an Unlimited for 2 phones will only cost $65. Bump that up to three lines, and it’ll be $80 — that’s just shy of $27 per line for unlimited talk, text, and data!

Of course, Consumer Cellular is flexible, and if you don’t need or want an Unlimited plan, you can save more by going for 1 GB ($20), 5 GB ($25), or 10 GB ($35) plans. Again, adding a another line on those plans only costs $15 extra. They all include unlimited talk and text over an established, large network that covers 99% of the US population.

Don’t have a compatible phone to bring over? Consumer Cellular’s shop is filled with modern devices for any need and pocket size — from the latest-and-greatest iPhones and Galaxies, to their respective smartwatches, to budget-friendly handsets to keep you connected for a low cost.


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