It’s not too late to snatch the Pixel Fold at an extraordinary discount

It’s not too late to snatch the Pixel Fold at an extraordinary discount



Foldable smartphones are stylish and powerful but also very, and we mean very, expensive. So, you are probably scouring the web for an awesome deal on one if you want to start living the foldable lifestyle. Well, you just found what you’ve been looking for!

Google’s fancy Pixel Fold with 256GB of storage space is still extraordinarily discounted on both Amazon and Best Buy. Both retailers are offering the foldable powerhouse at a gorgeous $500 markdown. Best Buy will even slash an extra $100 off, letting you save a whopping $600 if you get the phone with carrier activation today.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time this bad boy has received such a massive price cut. We’ve seen it at discounts ranging between $350 and $400 before, but never at $500 off. So, you are looking at a truly unmissable deal right here.

Being a foldable phone with a stunning 7.6-inch main display, the Pixel Fold is great for multitasking and can even replace your tablet. Furthermore, its Tensor G2 chipset coupled with 12GB of RAM gives it top-tier performance, allowing it to handle demanding tasks with ease. Its biggest advantage is its wide front screen, providing comfortable use without unfolding. As a proper Pixel smartphone, the Pixel Fold also takes gorgeous-looking photos and can record videos at up to 4K at 60fps.

Unfortunately, Google’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series isn’t all sunshine and roses. The inner display is delicate and prone to scratches, requiring careful handling. Additionally, despite its powerful performance, the handset can easily overheat, resulting in stutters.

However, these issues do not overshadow all the features that the Pixel Fold has to offer. Moreover, the device is currently an even bigger bang for your buck while available at $500 off its price. So, if you’re considering a new foldable and the mentioned issues are not a deal-breaker, take advantage of this offer while it’s still up for grabs.


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