iPhone 16 Pro rumored to be glossier and one image visualizes how the frame might look

iPhone 16 Pro rumored to be glossier and one image visualizes how the frame might look


The forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro is largely expected to have the same design as its predecessor but Apple may still manage to make it appear more striking if a new rumor is to be believed.
On the flip side, compared to stainless steel which was previously used for the Pros, titanium made the edges of the new phones matte. And while some liked the brushed finish, others thought it was dull, with some considering polishing their new not-so-shiny phones.
It looks like Apple isn’t a huge fan of the matte look either. According to Korean tipster yeux1122, the iPhone 16 Pro may feature a new titanium technology. 
Apple will reportedly use an improved method and a glossy material for its new phones. So while they will be as resistant to scratches as the iPhone 15 Pro, they will look more dazzling.
To give us an idea of the improved aesthetics, 9to5Mac has posted an image of the Essential Phone which features a polished titanium frame. The outlet removed other elements like the rear camera to keep the focus on the frame.

While it’s a minor change, those who don’t shroud their phones in cases will likely appreciate it. It will also be another differentiator for the new phone, and, who knows, Apple may get to brag about it by calling it their glossiest titanium phone yet.

The Pro models are rumored to have larger screens than the current-gen models and could also grow in dimensions. The entire lineup is also expected to feature a new Capture button. 


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