Hot new iPhone 16 Pro rumors paint an exhilarating picture with 2TB storage, big battery, and more

Hot new iPhone 16 Pro rumors paint an exhilarating picture with 2TB storage, big battery, and more


For some people, it might seem way too early to know anything for sure about Apple‘s next big iPhones. Others, meanwhile, may have already grown tired of hearing day in and day out how the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will differ from their forerunners and what aspects they’re unlikely to change.

If you’re part of the latter group, we’d like to apologize in advance for throwing even more information at you purportedly gathered from credible inside sources on Weibo. Pretty much everything you’re about to read in this here article has been rumored before, which makes these details at least a little more trustworthy than other tidbits floating around the interwebs in recent weeks.

Big screens + big batteries = big success?

Look, we all know that a bigger phone is not necessarily better than a smaller one, but at the same time, there are plenty of mobile consumers who continue to crave more and more screen real estate as laptops and even TVs are becoming a relic of a different era.
Apple is thus merely looking to give people what they want with a 6.3-inch iPhone 16 Pro and absolutely gargantuan 6.9-inch iPhone 16 Pro Max. Are these display sizes etched in stone? Not yet. But they more or less line up with the numbers mentioned in other reports over the last few months, and there’s rarely smoke without fire on this front.
The same goes for a similarly oft-rumored battery capacity enhancement, which is now corroborated from yet another source… without any actual figures mentioned this time around. What we’re being told today is that the “larger battery” of the iPhone 16 Pro series is expected to provide “longer battery life that can exceed 30 hours.”

At their absolute best, Apple’s current ultra-high-end handsets were found to be capable of lasting around 16 and 19 hours respectively between charges, so a jump to 30+ hours would certainly qualify as a major upgrade. Of course, there’s no way to know how the in-development iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will perform in real-life usage for the time being, let alone in battery tests and other benchmarks.

Big storage, big cameras, and bold colors are also expected

Does the mobile tech world need a 2TB iPhone? Probably not, but this writer knows at least one guy who’d buy such a device in a heartbeat, and something tells us some of our readers would also do that. Will you have to sell a kidney to afford a top-of-the-line iPhone 16 Pro or 16 Pro Max with two terabytes of internal storage space? Almost surely, but let’s see the models unveiled (or at least confirmed by a few more sources) before discussing potential retail prices.
Another big upgrade tipped for the iPhone 16 Pro Max (and only the Max variant) is a 48-megapixel “custom” Sony IMX903 imaging sensor that’s unsurprisingly not official yet. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, mind you, uses a Sony IMX803 as its primary 48MP rear-facing shooter, so although presumably important, this jump to a 903 model doesn’t exactly come as a shock.
Last on today’s list of reveals (or rather reiterations of past reveals), we have two exciting iPhone 16 Pro colorways that could further set the next-gen iOS handset apart from the iPhone 15 Pro.
While their official marketing names remain unclear, these are described as “desert yellow” and “cement gray”, looking likely to replace the Blue Titanium and Natural Titanium hues of the 16 Pro’s predecessor. Interestingly, the yellow shade could strike closer to gold or even rose than actual yellow, probably joining Black Titanium, White Titanium, and Gray Titanium as the four main color options of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro (and presumably the iPhone 16 Pro Max as well).


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