Heir to one of 2024’s top phones could pack a quad-curved display

Heir to one of 2024’s top phones could pack a quad-curved display



Do you like curved displays? How about quad-curved displays?

If the answer to both questions is “Yes, I very much do!”, you can pop the champagne. Those who are after the OnePlus 13 (it’s about to hit the shelves in 2025), will probably get a quad-curved display.

The successor to the insanely successful OnePlus 12 is rumored to bring a redesign next year (via Android Authority).

That’s what well-known X/Twitter tipster Yogesh Brar has been suggesting lately. He’s commenting on another leak (from @That_Kartikey) that’s claiming the Oppo Find X8 Ultra (heir to the monster Oppo Find X7 Ultra that got the best of a 1-inch dedicated zoom camera) will get a micro quad-curved display.

As you can see, Yogesh Brar claims that the micro quad-curved displays will be coming not only on OnePlus’ flagships, but on mid-rangers, too.We’re familiar with so-called waterfall displays for years now, but “micro quad-curved” panels sounds intriguing. Having the top and bottom sides curved could make the phone into an almost bezel-less bijou. We’re not hooked yet, as this technology will have to prove itself to be practical, apart from being aesthetically pleasing (on paper).

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a similar curved display called “All Around Liquid Display”, so we’ll have to see if Oppo/OnePlus’ “micro quad-curved” panel is the exact same thing.

Speaking of Xiaomi, the brand is (again, per @That_Kartikey) apparently working on the second generation of the micro quad-curved display:


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