Google reiterates that it will still support that old Nest doorbell and camera

Google reiterates that it will still support that old Nest doorbell and camera



If you’re an O.G. Nest fan who clung to your first-generation Nest Cam Indoor, life may have gotten a little frustrating. Google’s gradual merge of Nest into its Google Home ecosystem hasn’t been the smoothest ride, especially for those older gadgets. The company vowed back in 2023 to fix it, but progress reports have been few and far between…until recently.In a surprising Reddit AMA, managers from both the Google Home and Nest camps reaffirmed that bringing those older Nest cameras (think Nest Hello Video Doorbell and models from way back in 2015) into the Google Home fold is still a work in progress. It seems the tech is proving to be surprisingly complex, and sadly, no firm timeline exists yet. But hey, at least Google hasn’t thrown in the towel.

A commitment in a sea of updates

With Google juggling so many products, it’s understandable that this isn’t exactly a top priority for the tech giant. Still, they don’t seem keen to let their home automation efforts fall apart. 2023 brought cool updates to Google Home, like temperature-based triggers (think dimming the lights when your show is paused) and direct streams of your Google Nest cam feeds inside the app. Google even let power users write their own custom triggers and scripts, and a tool to help non-coders write these scripts as well. Throw in bringing Matter support to the mix, and you have a pretty big undertaking in just a year’s time.

Google Home Script Editor | Credit: Google Blog

Whether you’re a smart home veteran or a Google newbie, this dedication is worth noting. Tech support often withers with time, and Google HAS abandoned projects before, as we know all too well. But their continued willingness to stick with the Nest line could be just the thing to reassure you the next time you’re eyeing that new smart doorbell or camera.


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