Google introduces voice prompting and polishing for Gmail’s “Help Me Write” feature in Workspace

Google introduces voice prompting and polishing for Gmail’s “Help Me Write” feature in Workspace


Google introduced its AI-powered “Help Me Write” feature to Gmail last year, making email writing a breeze for Workspace customers that had access to the feature. Now, Google is stepping up the feature’s helpfulness with some really handy upgrades.

As announced today at Google Cloud Next ’24, as part of a series of Gemini-powered features that will be sprinkled throughout Google Workspace apps, Gmail’s “Help Me Write” will be getting some nifty upgrades. Google states that 70% of workspace users that use it, end up actually taking the suggested changes. Considering this number, it’s no surprise that the company wants to expand on the feature in order to not only help you with your writer’s block, but also empower you to go the extra mile and refine, or “polish” your compositions.

Because of this, Google will be bringing voice prompting and instant polish to Gmail’s “Help Me Write.” This allows for users to easily whip up a complete email using voice input that can be as simple as some rough notes and bullet points, which should be extremely helpful when on the go. Gemini then takes over and whips that rough draft into a professionally written email, like an instant editor that can fix your grammar, spelling, and structure — all while making sure your sentences flow smoothly.

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Voice prompting should be available right away, however, the instant polish feature will be available to Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business customers — as well as Google One AI Premium subscribers — “soon.” Additionally, this will be strictly for Gmail on mobile. Here’s hoping that this becomes available soon to all Workspace users, and hopefully personal accounts in the future.

Google’s doubling down on making email effortless with AI enhancements. Whether you love it or remain a bit wary of AI-written content, it seems like the future of email is getting a lot less wordy and a lot more polished.


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