Dbrand shocks with racist tweet at customer; thinks you’ll be ok with it in return for $10,000

Dbrand shocks with racist tweet at customer; thinks you’ll be ok with it in return for $10,000


There’s a fine line between being cool and insensitively racist but case maker Dbrand can’t seem to comprehend that.

Known for making protection accessories for smartphones, laptops, and consolers, Dbrand doesn’t shy away from using inappropriate language to keep its followers entertained. Up until this point, the posts had been harmless, but many users were quick to note that the company had crossed the line after it made fun of a user’s name in the most obscene way possible.

On April 8, Bhuwan Chitransh wrote a post directed at Dbrand to complain about a MacBook skin he bought from the company. The company’s official support account @robot addressed his concern.

The company made fun of the user’s name and the so-called humor carried racist undertones. It almost sounds like Dbrand was being mean to Chitransh to reprimand him for calling the company out for what he perceived as a quality issue. 

As Chitransh noted, the remark reeked of racism towards Indian users. Other users also criticized the post but instead of deleting it, Dbrand continued its brazen behavior for 24 hours until finally admitting that “it was a huge fumble.”

The company said it apologized to the customer and even offered him a no-strings payment of $10,000 to make up for it. Surprisingly, Dbrand appears to think that this was enough to undo the damage and the payment somehow gave them the license to continue poking fun at customers, which it says it has been doing “for over a decade now.”

While we are all for some good-natured fun, insensitive jokes are never acceptable and Dbrand should know that no amount of money is going to be enough to buy someone’s dignity.


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