Chandrayaan flies into NCERT textbook now | India News

Chandrayaan flies into NCERT textbook now | India News


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NEW DELHI: Chandrayaan has found its way to class III textbooks in a playful way. Rani, a girl from the village is curious about “why the sky is blue?” and “Where does the Sun go at night.” Listening to her mother singing “Chanda mama door ke …” makes her curious to know the distance between the earth and the moon and next morning when she heard her brothers’ excitement on seeing the moon landing, a confused Rani wonders: “How did Chandrayaan reach the moon?”
The first set of school textbooks (English, Hindi and Urdu) under the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for school education 2023 for class III, the first stage of middle school, was uploaded by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) on Friday.The Council has also released a bridge course for class VI, the first stage of high-school. The print copies for classes III and VI will be available from the last week of April and mid-May respectively.
According to NCERT sources, the other subject books under the National Education Policy 2020 would be made available by May 2024, which include ‘The world around us’, Mathematics, Art Education and Health Wellbeing.
The English textbook for class III titled ‘Santoor’ comprises four units of three chapters each. The four units include ‘Fun with Friends’, ‘Toys and Games’, ‘Good Food’, and ‘The Sky.’ As per the foreword, “The textbook emphasises conceptual understanding, critical thinking, creativity, values and dispositions essential for this developmental stage. It incorporates cross-cutting themes such as inclusion, multilingualism, gender equality, and cultural rootedness integrating appropriate ICT and school-based assessments.” The language learning at class III starts with a picture story in the chapter ‘Fun with Friends’ where a poem helps learners grasp the concept of colours, numbers and sentences. The NEP’s effort at integrating language and mathematics in different subjects is reflected in the chapter ‘Best Friends’ which is about four friends – Circle, Square, Triangle, and Rectangle.



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