Boost your mobile productivity on the cheap with this amazing new OnePlus Pad bundle deal

Boost your mobile productivity on the cheap with this amazing new OnePlus Pad bundle deal



By no means the Android landscape’s most expensive iPad alternative, the first-of-a-kind OnePlus Pad is now even more affordable than usual. Much more affordable, in fact, at least if you were thinking of buying the 11.6-inch giant together with a OnePlus Stylo anyway.

A special productivity-focused bundle consisting of these two items can be yours for just $379.98 for an undoubtedly limited time. That slashes a whopping 200 bucks off the regular combined price of the Dimensity 9000-powered tablet and its digital pen companion, improving all previous deals on the two products by at least $20.
That’s right, the lowest price charged by OnePlus for this combo in the past was $400, and at the time of this writing, $400 is also how much Amazon wants you to pay… for the OnePlus Pad alone.

In addition to a lot of screen real estate, some super-thin bezels, and that reasonably powerful (at the very least) aforementioned MediaTek SoC, the OnePlus Pad also has an almost surprisingly large battery squeezed into an incredibly lightweight body going for it.

The tablet’s IPS LCD panel is remarkably bright and smooth too, and your mobile entertainment experience is further amplified by four speakers equipped with state-of-the-art Omnibearing Sound Field technology. Last but not least, this budget-friendly bad boy somehow eclipses many of the best tablets out there (at any price) in the charging capabilities field with up to 67W speeds.

As for the OnePlus Stylo, its skills are quite close to what Samsung’s signature S Pen, for instance, offers, including ultra-low 2ms latency and no less than 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Together with the OnePlus Pad, this very sophisticated writing and sketching accessory can keep you entertained, creative, and productive during your lengthiest travels, as well as your daily commute to work.


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