Apple Watch Series 10 might get a battery boost thanks to a display upgrade

Apple Watch Series 10 might get a battery boost thanks to a display upgrade


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Later this year, alongside the anticipated next-generation iPhone 16Apple Watch Series 10 release. According to the latest rumor, it is expected to receive a display upgrade aimed at improving battery life.

As per a report from Korean media outlet The Elec, known for its accurate industry insights, Apple is reportedly planning to adopt new screen technology for the Series 10’s OLED display. The company is looking into using new low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, which is expected to help reduce power consumption even more.

Series 10’s OLED display should be more power efficient and drain less of your battery life

This tech isn’t new to the Apple Watch, but Apple’s taking it to the next level by changing up the materials used in the screen’s tiny switches, known as TFTs (thin-film transistors). These switches are crucial because they control each pixel on your screen, dictating the display’s overall quality and battery usage. Previously, Apple used a combo of oxide and LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) for these switches. Now, it might be leaning more into oxide, especially for the parts directly tied to the OLED pixels. This is a big deal because oxide is better at cutting down on leakage current, which is just a fancy term for the small amount of battery your device loses even when you are not using it. So, more oxide means your watch’s battery could last longer.According to the report, there is buzz that this tech might find its way into future iPhones, too. Apple has a history of trying out new stuff on the Apple Watch before bringing it over to the iPhone.

When it comes to the iPhones down the line, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are expected to get a taste of this LTPO TFT tech, focusing on using oxide more strategically. And looking even further ahead, the iPhone 17 series is reported to fully embrace LTPO TFT.

On the manufacturing front, LG Display is expected to be the main producer of these new screens for the Apple Watch Series 10, with Japan’s JDI also in the mix. Meanwhile, Samsung Display is reportedly getting involved with the Apple Watch Series 11 screen tech.


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