Apple Pencil 3 might offer not one but three different squeeze gestures

Apple Pencil 3 might offer not one but three different squeeze gestures



Recently, there was a rumor swirling around suggesting that the speculated Apple Pencil 3 might get a new squeeze gesture. But hold on because a fresh rumor takes it up a notch, suggesting that not just one but multiple gestures could potentially make their way to the digital writing tool.

New gestures for the rumored Apple Pencil 3

According to iMore, a reliable source for all things Apple, the code in the iPadOS 17.5 developer beta hints at more than just a squeeze gesture for the rumored Apple Pencil 3. It seems there are references to additional gestures like a long squeeze and a double squeeze, in addition to the previously discovered squeeze.With these different gestures, users could potentially trigger three separate actions with the Apple Pencil without needing to touch the display. It’s an upgrade from the double-tap feature introduced with the second-gen Apple Pencil, as it doesn’t require much movement or changes in how you hold the Apple Pencil to use it.

This latest rumor also adds more fuel to the fire regarding the release of an updated Apple Pencil since the rumored new squeeze gesture controls wouldn’t work with the current-gen Apple Pencil 2. While the Apple Pencil 2 can detect pressure levels in its tip, it lacks pressure sensitivity in its casing. Therefore, these gestures are likely designed for an entirely new device.

Rumors are swirling that Apple is finally gearing up to unveil long-awaited updates to the iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the first week of May. This event would also provide the perfect opportunity for releasing new accessories. Previous reports suggest that the Cupertino tech giant might be gearing up to introduce a brand new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard alongside its next-generation iPads.


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