Apple finally allows game emulators to exist in the App Store

Apple finally allows game emulators to exist in the App Store



Google allows game emulators to be listed on its Play Store, but Apple didn’t until recently. Apple’s iOS ecosystem is extremely restrictive, especially to third-party apps, so the existence of game emulators in the App Store was something unthinkable until the European Union decided to shake things up a bit.Over the weekend, Apple revealed that game emulators can be listed on its App Store not only in the EU, but also in all other parts of the world. First spotted by The Verge, the change also extends to the downloadable games offered by these emulators, which must comply with “all applicable laws.”

But that’s not everything that Apple decided to change about its apps store. The Cupertino-based company now says that mini-games and mini-apps within big apps like WeChat must use HTML5, so they can’t be native apps and games.

And finally, in a response to the European Commission, Apple promised to allow music streaming apps in the EU to include in-app links that redirect to outside purchases and pricing information.


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