Android Auto now reads a message twice before sending it (bug?)

Android Auto now reads a message twice before sending it (bug?)



Android Auto and other hands-free services make driving and interacting with your phone as safe as possible. And these apps often get updated with new features to make your drive even more convenient. Or at least, that’s usually the case. However, 9to5Google now reports Android Auto has gotten a… rather peculiar update (or bug?) recently.

Android Auto now reads a message twice before it sends it

Usually, if you want to send a message using voice with Android Auto, the process is quite simple. After you’ve summoned the Assistant, you say who the message is for and you dictate the message’s content. Google Assistant will then read out the message for you and after you confirm it, it is sent.

However, some users have posted on Reddit that this behavior has now changed. The change is – while Assistant says it’s sending the message, it reads it out loud once again. This second reading of the message doesn’t seem to really serve a purpose though.

So far, there’s no way to change this setting (if it is a setting at all). As for replies, the usual behavior remains so far: the Assistant reads the message, then you can choose if you want to send a message in reply. Then, you hear it out once before it’s sent to confirm.

For some users, Assistant is also disabling dictation too early, but it seems this issue isn’t as widespread as the aforementioned one.

It isn’t clear yet whether this is a bug or intended behavior. Whatever it is though, it doesn’t really add usability, just a couple more seconds to the process (which could be frustrating for some). When we know more, we’ll let you know!


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