Android 15 might introduce a sleek new volume panel redesign

Android 15 might introduce a sleek new volume panel redesign


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Google’s Material You design language sparked a visual overhaul back in 2021, landing first with Android 12. While Android’s look hasn’t shifted radically since, we’ve seen subtle refinements. But, as discovered recently, Android 15
However, as discovered by Mishaal Rahman (via Android Authority), Android 15 breaks free from that mold. Screenshots from the latest Android 15 Developer Preview 2 reveal a bold new volume panel with chunky, pill-shaped sliders. A prominent dot marks the maximum volume, and tapping a stream’s icon conveniently mutes it.
Android 14 volume panel vs. Android 15 volume panel | Credit: Android Authority

But here’s the kicker: Android 15‘s volume panel is also collapsible. A single tap will either shrink or expands the panel, which is perfect for keeping things compact when media isn’t playing. There’s a constantly-visible media output shortcut now too, another handy upgrade.

Google has even added playful animations – the stream name dances alongside its slider, and your current volume level pops up as you adjust. It’s a testament to how much Google pays attention to those little UI details when it comes to Material design.

Functionality might grow, too. While not yet active in testing, the redesign hints at surfacing extra controls for spatial audio and “noise control.” The update isn’t live yet, not even in the Developer Preview, unless you tweak the code. However, it is possible that it could drop at any time in an upcoming beta release and eventually make it to the public version of Android. 15.


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