Amazon knocks Apple’s second-gen AirPods back down to a killer price

Amazon knocks Apple’s second-gen AirPods back down to a killer price



Who needs a new low-cost AirPods Lite version when we already have the oldie but goodie “regular” AirPods 2? Released back in the spring of 2019, these instantly recognizable earbuds are somehow still available around the world, normally fetching a pretty reasonable $129 a pair in the US.

That’s reasonable if you compare it with the list prices of Apple’s newer and higher-end AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2, of course, while brands like Samsung, Jabra, Soundcore, and even the Apple-owned Beats regularly charge less than 130 or even 100 bucks for (theoretically) better-equipped products than the non-Pro second-gen AirPods.
Fortunately, that’s where retailers like Amazon come in, offering heftier and heftier discounts as we reportedly approach the launch of the first-ever AirPods Lite and possibly the AirPods 4 as well. The latest deal from the e-commerce giant makes the AirPods 2 almost as cheap as they’ve ever been, tying a killer pre-spring promotion from a couple of months ago while falling 10 bucks short of Amazon and Best Buy’s record high generosity back around the holidays in November 2023.

There’s no word on how long this refreshed $40 discount might last, but Best Buy is not able to match its arch-rival’s generosity right now, which suggests that we’re looking at a limited-time special offer.

By no means the greatest wireless earbuds money can buy today, the AirPods 2 come without active noise cancellation and other ultra-advanced technologies like spatial audio, dynamic head tracking, and Apple H2 connectivity. But that Apple H1 chip, solid battery life, respectable overall sound performance, and iconic design make this a very hard-to-resist bargain for anyone who’s unwilling to wait for a potential AirPods Lite release sometime in the second half of 2024.
Don’t forget that Apple‘s non-Pro AirPods haven’t yet made the move to the USB-C charging standard, still relying on good old fashioned Lightning technology. Oh, and this ultra-affordable model also comes with a wired charging case, which is… not exactly ideal.


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