adx approval koun koun si website par milti hai

ADX (Ad Exchange) approval typically refers to getting approval to use Google Ad Exchange on your website. Here are the general steps to apply for Ad Exchange approval through Google Ad Manager:

  1. Create a Google Ad Manager Account:
    • If you don’t have a Google Ad Manager account, you need to create one. Go to the Google Ad Manager website and sign up.
  2. Set Up Your Ad Units:
    • Create ad units on your website. These are the spaces where ads will be displayed.
  3. Generate Ad Tags:
    • Generate ad tags for your ad units within Google Ad Manager. These ad tags are snippets of code that you’ll need to place on your website.
  4. Implement Ad Tags on Your Website:
    • Place the generated ad tags on the specific locations of your website where you want ads to appear.
  5. Ensure Compliance:
    • Ensure that your website complies with Google’s policies. This includes having a privacy policy, a functional and navigable website, and compliance with content policies.
  6. Apply for Ad Exchange:
    • Once your ad units are set up and the ad tags are implemented, apply for Ad Exchange through your Google Ad Manager account. The option to apply for Ad Exchange is typically found in the “Ad Exchange” or “Monetization” section of your account.
  7. Wait for Approval:
    • Google will review your application and website. This process may take some time, and Google will notify you once a decision has been made.

It’s important to note that approval criteria may change, and the process might vary. Additionally, Google Ad Exchange is generally more selective than other ad networks, and meeting their criteria is crucial for approval.

Keep in mind that this information is accurate as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, and there may have been changes or updates since then. Always refer to the official Google Ad Manager documentation for the most current information.


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