A new look is coming to the Google Play Store; check it out now!

A new look is coming to the Google Play Store; check it out now!


Two changes are about to hit the Google Play Store. You’ll know when the update has arrived on your phone since there is a “Meet the Search tab” prompt that will first appear. The prompt says in smaller print, “Discover incredible apps and games with new personalized suggestions.” The new Search tab is one of the two changes coming to the Android app storefront. The other is a bottom bar that doesn’t disappear when you look up an app or search for something else.

The new Search tab will appear in between the Apps and Offers tabs and if you select this tab, the magnifying glass icon on the bottom bar will rotate. Once you’ve tapped the Search tab, tap it again and the search UI will appear. The Games, Apps, and Offers tabs include a new look with the Play Store logo appearing on the upper left of the display. A pill-shaped counter can be found on the right-middle of the screen tallying up your Play Points. Next to that is the notification bell followed by the profile icon. On those three tabs, the search bar remains at the top of the screen.

The Search tab is divided into four sections. “Discover” uses past searches to give you recommendations and the other three are titled “You might like,” “Explore Games,” and ‘Explore apps.” All four sections have grids of search suggestions that can be searched with a single tap. When you use the Search tab on the updated Play Store, you’ll see that the bottom bar remains on the screen which isn’t the case pre-update when you use the search bar at the top of the Play Store tabs. Having the bar stay on the screen makes navigating the app quicker and easier.

Google has a habit, and it’s not a bad one mind you, of always looking to play around with its core apps looking to improve them. This is something that we should be applauding, not complaining about. Even with Android 15 beta 1 running my Pixel 6 Pro, these changes have yet to appear on my phone but they should appear for all Android users soon.


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