A 2020 Galaxy got the best of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in a photo race

A 2020 Galaxy got the best of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in a photo race


In a nutshell, we buy newer phones because we want to use the latest and greatest.

However, do we use the latest and greatest in the best possible way? That’s another story…

Let’s take smartphone photography, for example.

For all who think that rocking the latest photo-centric flagship is enough to outdo older phones – your bubble is about to burst, I’m afraid.

The 2024 British photography awards (in partnership with Samsung) and its winners prove that. Let’s take a closer look at what has been going on in the UK mobile photography-wise.

Each winner in the 2024 Mobile Photography Awards received the title of Mobile Photography Award Champion and a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Also, the Champions were invited to a special workshop co-hosted by The British Photography Association and Samsung to further hone their skills.

There were six categories for contestants to give it a shot:

  • Portrait (including selfies)
  • Landscape
  • Night Scenes
  • Food & Drink
  • Pet
  • Zoom In

In the Portrait category, the “Two Heads, One Heart” won:

This was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: yup, that’s Samsung’s 2020 flagship, the last of the “Note Ultra” devices. Among the rest of the Portrait shortlist entries, there were photos taken by the iPhone 15 Pro, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and more.

There’s a virtual gallery full of wonderful photos – you’ll be surprised how many of these top photos are taken with oldish devices, like the iPhone 6 (!), for example!

So, next time someone tries to argue that in order to take great photos you need the newest flagship out there – and nothing short of that – you can send them this article right here.


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