1 in 4 Galaxy S24 buyers say this was the reason for buying the phone

1 in 4 Galaxy S24 buyers say this was the reason for buying the phone


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By many metrics, the Galaxy S24bet has played off.
Samsung’s heavy focus on AI is already impacting consumer behaviour, per insights firm Kantar Worldpanel. The South Korean giant usually markets the hardware strengths of its phones, such as their vibrant screen and high-resolution cameras, to sell them, but with the Galaxy S24, AI features took precedence.  

1 in 4 Galaxy S24 buyers chose the phone because of its AI capabilities

According to data collected in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, the US, and Australia, AI was the main reason for a quarter of Galaxy S24 buyers to choose the phone.

Out of these buyers, 28 percent were impressed by the Galaxy S24‘s real-time translation features, 24 percent were interested in the camera capabilities, and 17 percent wanted the circle to search feature.

The report doesn’t leave out the fact that the Google Pixel 8 also comes with a myriad of AI-powered features. It says that many Pixel 8 buyers bought the phone instead of a normal phone because of its AI capabilities.

That said, it’s too early to predict whether AI will drive up smartphone shipments considerably.

Apple is yet to release a phone that puts AI front and center and Kantar points out that the company still managed to sell more phones than other companies. This may indicate that consumers view AI capabilities as residual benefits and they are not the main reasons for buying a phone for most of them.


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